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A world without borders

NOTICE: In response to the coronavirus outbreak, HIMUN IV has been postponed to the weekend of March 22-23. Please contact the team at for any questions or concerns. Should you wish to sign up as a delegate or press team member, please also directly email us. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to HIMUN IV

We are pleased to announce that the fourth annual session of our conference, HIMUN IV, will be held at Hsinchu International School from March 21st to 22nd, 2020. HIMUN IV's theme is "A World Without Borders." Centered around HIMUN's mission to foster global awareness, critical thinking, freedom of expression, and leadership, we are more than honoured to be part of your MUN journey.

This year, our honourable keynote speaker will be Dr. Kuan Yu Chiang. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Dr. Chiang has long dedicated his professional life to providing Taiwan a voice on the international medical platform, advocating towards organisations such as the ICRC and the WHO and recently establishing the new Global Health Diplomacy conference.

We look forward to serving all participants and providing them with memorable experiences by making our fourth annual conference another success!

Our mission at HIMUN



To promote the spread of awareness of international issues

To raise levels of critical thinking and problem solving in serving the local community



To foster a stimulating environment for free expression of opinion and thought

To nurture public speaking and leadership skills in young adults

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